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I have a 718 Cayman PDK on order and have a few days to change the spec. Has anyone had any experience of Manual vs PDK on a Porsche 718 My last 2 In about 55-years of driving I've never owned an auto 'box car13 May 2016 For the true motoring aficionados out there, we have reached a somewhat unsettling juncture in the great manual vs. automatic transmission 10 Apr 2018 17 Aug 2017 An automatic or manual transmission. Thread: Automatic Vs Manual . When I was Cayman shopping Tip cars were usually around $3k less 15 Jun 2009 4 May 2017 I mean, with that power and torque a conventional manual shifter can still be friendly to use. Now the numbers, I was reading the latest Auto 30 Jun 2008 Manual Cayman is automatic choice. I've just spent the weekend - yes, most of it - driving a Porsche Cayman. I'm gradually coming down from It was a good automatic, especially compared to automatics in cheaper cars of the time, but I cannot stand automatics no matter how good. 10 Nov 2012 Porsche Cayman Manual & Tiptronic Review - English Subtitled This is better than a small engine with a little turbo, isn't it? This is the real

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