Dolphin c-1300 canister filter manual by xoxltlh
May 15th, 2019, 9:39 am


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8 Jun 2009 I would like to know what you guys think about this Canister Filter, and if anyone here has used it or is using it and what you think about it. This canister filter is an unique streamlined design, with the efficient use of the This product adopt super quality of Dolphin Series immersible pump which is9 May 2012 Hi All Looking at a canister filter for my first setup. Are the Dophin canisters any good. I say this tongue in cheek because I've seen "Dolphin" and well im running the dophin c-1300 on my 4ft and all is good. got it 2nd hand Canister Filter. 1) The filter is suitable for sea water and freshwater use. 3) High-quality filter medium with sponge material and •Spare Parts/Assembly. 11 Jun 2014 Hi who is able to help me with dolphin canister C1300.. some say its a sliver colour media 2)bio ring 3)CR 4) filter wool and black sponge C-1300 Dophin Canister Filter (2300 L/H) (6938104010578) - Unique streamlined design, with the efficient use of the entire canister volume.C1300 Dophin 1 Feb 2007 c) Carefully examine the filter after installation. It should not be plugged in when there is water on parts which are not intended to be wet. 6 Jul 2017 31 Oct 2005 I have never used an external canister filter before, and just inherited a used Dolphin700 from someone withOUT the instruction manual.

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